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Are you tired of working hard and watching someone else reap the rewards?

In buying a “Wing Machine” franchise, you are essentially working for yourself. The more successful the restaurant is, the more money you make. It’s that simple.

Are you excited to go into business for yourself? But are afraid you can’t make it on your own?

In buying a franchise, you receive many of the benefits of having your own business-independence, financial security, pride of ownership-and fewer headaches.

With a “Wing Machine” restaurant, you also have the advantage of using company resources. You get the expertise of an unmatched team of professionals including managers, negotiators, architects, instructors, strategists, marketing and advertising experts and over 27 years of experience to top it off. We’ll be able to help get you started. And we’ll stay by your side, every step of the way. So you’ll really never have cause to feel alone.

Do you need a food service background to be successful?

While it helps to have some food service background, it isn’t a necessity. All you really need is energy, determination, good instincts… and excellent people skills.

To help ensure your success, we’ll put you through a comprehensive training program, complete with manuals. You will learn everything about owning your own “Wing Machine” franchise, from chicken preparation and cooking to all aspects of management. “Wing Machine” store layouts are designed for optimum efficiency and ease of operation, so you save on staff and make it easy to train your new employees.

Are you an energetic person?

If so, a “Wing Machine” franchise will certainly keep you occupied. When things get busy, you’ll have to work hard to keep your customers happy. That may mean long hours. But remember, you’re working for yourself. So you reap the fruits of your labour.


In addition to your annual profits, you are building equity in your business. As time goes by and your franchise becomes increasingly successful, your initial investment will become even more valuable, reflecting the hard work and the initiative you have established.

Your Franchise Agreement will be for the term of the lease. No additional franchise fee is payable upon renewal. You are free to sell your franchise at any time and transfer the Franchise Agreement.

The next step is up to you…